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Between You and the Mountains 

October 5 - 26, 2012

Parse Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of the work of Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels. "Between You and the Mountains" is an engulfing wall-to-wall wooden installation inspired by and presented in tandem with her recent series of small, fantastical ‘blueprint’ paintings. The show’s immersive architecture invites viewers to come close, to feel welcome and familiar, yet remain somehow cold and austere. The underlying narratives are slow to reveal themselves; triangles repeat and grow more frequently as an abstraction of the overwhelming number of people that comprise one individual.


Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels was born in Knoxville Tennessee. She studied at Stanford University, the Appalachian Center for Craft, and Columbia University, and is now based in Brooklyn. Her large-scale constructed installations are most often shown in abandoned or odd locations. Her work has recently been exhibited in the New Orleans Music Box Project, with her collective Rabid Hands in a former Brooklyn convent, and in a crumbling machine warehouse in Detroit. She has upcoming exhibitions at F.L.A. Gallery in Gainesville and the Clocktower Gallery in New York.


D. Eric Bookhardt, “Works by Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels at Parse,” Gambit, October 2012.

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