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Lecture , Studio Visits, and Research in New Orleans

October 12 - November 1, 2014

Lecture at Loyola University New Orleans in Miller Auditorium, October 21 at 6:30pm.



PARSE is proud to present our visiting curator, Geir HaraldsethPrior to his appointment as Director of Rogaland KunstsenterHaraldseth earned a B.A. in Fine Arts from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design and an M.A. in Curatorial Studies from Bard College. Previous positions include curator at the National Museum of Art, Design and Architecture, Oslo, and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo. Haraldseth has contributed to several journals and magazines including the Exhibitionist, Kunstkritikk, Acne Paper, and Landings Journal. He recently published GREAT! I'VE WRITTEN SOMETHING STUPID... featuring a selection of his curated projects and writings, published by Torpedo Press.



Geir Haraldseth’s visit to New Orleans is supported by a grant from the RosaMary Foundation. His lecture is supported in part by the Art and Design Department at Loyola University New Orleans.


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Read "White Privilege" by Geir Haraldseth

Haraldseth conducted over forty studio visits with local artists and students at Loyola University New Orleans, Tulane University, and University of New Orleans during his stay in the city. Following are a few comments from some of the people who met with him:



Thank you for organizing my studio visit with Geir. He's cool as a cucumber. Our talk was insightful and enjoyable. I am looking forward to seeing his upcoming project at PARSE.

-Stephen Collier


Geir Haraldseth was personable and easy to talk to. He spent a generous, unhurried amount of time with me and enthusiastically engaged with my work. I felt we shared similar concerns in our cultural outlook and would love to see him return to New Orleans to express those concerns in an exhibition.

-Cynthia Scott


Geir's visit was very helpful and fun. He offered a great perspective on how to show work outside of New Orleans and how to engage with an audience outside of the galleries here. I found our meeting motivational and inspiring and was a great addition to my studio time.

-Jane Cassidy


Sifting through recent work and ideas with a curator from abroad brought an exceptionally rich and unique voice to my studio. Geir saw new work, I heard new words.  I couldn't be more grateful.

-Aaron Collier


Studio Club S+S had the opportunity of a studio visit from the curator in residence, Geir Haraldseth a few months ago. I would like to acknowledge not only the honor of having PARSE recommend the visit, but the honor of having such an esteemed and rewarding visit from Geir. With an unrelenting warmth, a gracious sense of humor, and with insightful revelation, Geir created with his presence a viewpoint and an inspirational afternoon.We at Club S+S are certainly still thinking about this visit today.

-Stephen Paul Day and Sibylle Peretti (Club S + S)


Geir Haraldseth's studio visit with me was very informative and encouraging. He admired and found interest in the fact that my role as an artist was and still is slippery. He encouraged me to continue making things that fell between the lines of art, design, happening, party, and installation. I think his critical perspective coming from outside of the city was refreshing.

-Brett LaBauve


Geir Heraldseth is a fine fellow with an exciting fashion sense. We had a really great discussion about my work in relation to reality shows, initiation rituals, and blood rites. It was great to hear his international perspective on our scene here in New Orleans.

-Dave Greber


It was a pleasure to have Geir Haraldseth visit my personal studio and discuss the current work in progress. It was especially helpful since we talked about issues of post-colonialism in relationship to recent criticism of a paper I had delivered. Geir's insightful viewpoints were truly useful to helping me formulate some stronger arguments for the work.

-Teresa Cole


I was impressed by the enthusiasm Geir Heraldseth's displayed while visiting my studio. I learned that he had been engaged with graduate students all day, and despite this fact, I found his comments and impressions insightful and inspiring. As it was just weeks before my solo show, Geir's perspective helped me examine some key ideas about history, coincidences, and my role as female artist in the work. I am appreciative to him and Amy Mackie for taking the time to visit, meetings such as these are helpful in gaining outside opinions and allow for new possibilities in the studio.

-Cristina Molina


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