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Courtesy Jalal Toufic




December 12, 2015 from 12- 6pm


PARSE is proud to host “On Location,” a workshop organized by independent writer and curator Jay Murphy on Saturday, December 12th, 12 – 6pm. Literary and visual artists in all forms, new media/video artists, filmmakers, environmental and social/political activists, theorists, educators, students of the arts and social change, and/or anyone who has an interest in pursuing and thinking more about how their various practices impact the world are invited to participate in “On Location.” The impetus for this discussion includes location as place (Olson,Spahr), as state of awareness (Waldman), as time (Alcalay, Toufic), or as socio­economic system (Pignarre/Stengers). Designedasanopensession, we are open to additional meetings if participants so desire. The workshop will be followed by a potluck dinner and wine.


Reading List

Selections from Collected Prose, by Charles Olson (1997)

Jaguar Harmonics, by Anne Waldman (2014)

a little history, by Ammiel Alcalay (2013)

Forthcoming, by Jalal Toufic (rev. ed. 2014)

Capitalist Sorcery, by Philippe Pignarre and Isabelle Stengers (2005/2011)

Fuck You­Aloha­I Love You, by Juliana Spahr (2001)


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Jay Murphy is a writer and independent curator currently in New Orleans. He has 
contributed to CTheory, Parallax, Culture Machine, Frieze, MAP, Afterimage, Parkett, Art in America, Metropolis, and Third Text, among other publications. He edited the alternative journal Red Bass and the book anthology For Palestine (1993). He was thrice a finalist for Sundance Screenwriting Labs and his collaborative Internet projects have been shown at the Sundance Film Festival. In 2009, 2011, and 2014, he organized exhibitions and programs of film and moving image work from the Middle East and North Africa for venues in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, and Glasgow, in 2011­12 the film series “First Person” for Inverleith House/Filmhouse Cinema in Edinburgh, and in 2008 gallery exhibitions in New York and Edinburgh. He is currently working on studies of Antonin Artaud (having completed his doctorate on “Artaud’s Metamorphosis” in 2011) and a creative nonfiction web project on the Middle East called Baraya/Perimeter.




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