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Curated by Ruth Dusseault

March 14, 2015 at 8pm & March 15, 2015 at 2pm



PARSE is pleased to present “Presentism,” an international short short film festival curated by Atlanta-based artist and curator Ruth Dusseault. The program includes 16 short films for a 90 minute program that will include a brief introduction by Dusseault. The screenings will take place on the third floor of PARSE. This program was previously presented at Whitespace Gallery in Atlanta, GA.


“Presentism” is described by Dusseault as “a philosophy of time that states nothing in the past or future exists. The only reality is the present moment, which is redefined. A moment is no longer like the blade of a knife, gone the instant it is felt. Rather, it is an extended duration of conscious experience. Reality is also redefined. The world is no longer characterized as a set of historic and anticipated facts, as in “once and for all.” The presentist defines reality as a world that relies on a constant survey. And when events happen in multiple places simultaneously, they are part of the same reality.”


Artists include: Ryan Brennan (Atlanta - New York), Sara Dittrich (Ohio), Lauren Franklin & David Banks (California), Claire Gustavson (New York), Babak Habibifar (Iran), Robert Ladislas Derr (Ohio), Eva Lee (India), Sebastian Matthias (Germany), Thomas Maries (New York), Javier Marco Rico (Spain), Jim Roche (Florida), Steve Rowell (Norway), Casey Smallwood (Illinois), Deborah Stratman (Illinois), Joon Sung (Tokyo), Michael Szpakowski (United Kingdom), Danny Volk (Illinois).


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Ruth Dusseault is a cross-disciplinary media artist who works in photography, film and installation. Her work falls at the intersection of geography and social psychology, reflecting utopian expressions as they enter the built environment. She has curated exhibitions that merge art and architecture for the District of Columbia Art Center, the Contemporary in Atlanta and the Avery Center at the Carnegie Museum of Art. She designs special topics courses that merge visual thinking, science and design for Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology. She has received over a dozen awards and recognitions from institutions including New York's Artadia Foundation, the Forward Arts Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Center for Land Use Interpretation. Her work is exhibited and collected internationally and has shown at London's Chelsea College of Art, Boston Center for the Arts, High Museum of Art, New Orleans Museum of Art, Houston Center for Photography, Bemis Center for the Arts and Emory University.

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