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Performance by Nat & Veronica of Skin Horse Theater

Hosted by PARSE & niños malos

Performance December 5 & 6, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm


"Readymade: a Dadaist visual art concept where common household objects were recontextualized as Art. Theater: a place of enactment of events or action


In this performance experiement Nat and Veronica of Skin Horse Theater attempt to frame everyday, unrehearsed events as short places of theater and explore the strange, voyeuristic pleasure humans derive from watching other humans. We do not know what will happen. You do not know what will happen. Each "performance" will be different. It's Dada, baby."



Nat Kusinitz is a theater director, designer and performer, and is one of the artistic directors of Skin Horse Theater. He grew up in Brooklyn, NY, received a B.A. in Directing Theater from Bard College, and now divides his time between New Orleans and New York. His primary focus is directing original devised performance. Kusinitz has co-created all of Skin Horse Theater’s work, and directed most of their original large-scale pieces. His work has been presented by The New Orleans Museum of Art, The Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans, LiveArts Bard, Prospect 2, and The Tigermen Den. It has also been recognized by the Big Easy Awards, and featured in American Theater Magazine and Inside Arts Magazine. Other directing credits include Naomi Wallace’s One Flea Spare, Caryll Churchill’s The Skriker and Shakespeare’s Macbeth.


Veronica Hunsinger-Loe is a theater artist and costume designer dedicated to creating radical performance experiences. She grew up in the mountains of Colorado and the strip-malls of New Jersey, but the last five years have been in New Orleans where she co-founded Skin Horse Theater, an experimental theater company. Her work has been seen at The Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans, Prospect 2, The New Orleans Museum of Art, and Bard College. With Skin Horse Theater, Hunsinger-Loe was commissioned by the Contemporary Arts Center to create The Hunting of The Snark, which she directed. In Spring of 2015 she will participate in a development residency with LiveArts Bard. Hunsinger-Loe has a BA in Theater from Bard College, studied at the British American Dramatic Academy in London and with Pig Iron Theater Company in Philadelphia. She led the Contemporary Art Center’s Teen Board for five years and taught theater at many schools in the New Orleans area. 

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