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New Website Launch!

Welcome to PARSE’s new website! We now have tons of content charting our program over the last two years and will soon be adding an archive of exhibitions and events organized between 2010 - 2013. You can always find announcements and writing in this section of the website.

Our curator-centric program is rapidly growing and we’re also pleased to officially announce PARSE’s fabulous board members: Elizabeth Shannon, Susan Bridges, Miranda Lash, and Bob Snead. As before, you can sign up to receive occasional newsletters from PARSE through our website and we’ve added a donation button as well. Press Street currently serves as our fiscal sponsor, but we are in the process of gaining 501(c)3 status. Any donation helps us achieve our goal to bring three to four international curators to New Orleans annually to engage in studio visits with local artists, conduct research in the area, and utilize the PARSE facilities to experiment with the boundaries and possibilities of curatorial practice.

We hope you will join us for the upcoming screening of The Creative Time Summit in Venice and stay tuned for more details about our fall exhibition curated by Deltaworkers!

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