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Constance Open Haus Party on April 22nd!

Constance would like invite you to an Open Haus Party and exhibition on Friday, April 22nd at 9pm, located in our printshop space at PARSE for one-evening only, along with a DJ set from our friend and collaborator, Kathi.

The exhibition will contain 12 new Risograph-specific work from artists, designers and illustrators from New Orleans and Berlin, available for purchase. Some of these artists include Prospect.1 artist Stephen G. Rhodes, Prospect 1.5 artist Jessica Bizer, French artist Manon Bellet, Good Children Gallery members Stephen Collier and Joshua Edward Bennett, among many other illustrators and designers. We certainly hope you will have a chance to celebrate with us in the new space, or if anything share a drink and few nice stories.

Event sponsored by Defend New Orleans.

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