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Support Dave Greber's "THE HUM"

Image Courtesy Artist.

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Please consider lending support to Dave Greber’s Kickstarter to help fund his upcoming exhibition at PARSE SECO. PARSE SECO is an experimental space in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico. As you will see from his budget, the majority of the funds will go directly to the artist as well as to healers in the area with whom he is collaborating. In this moment of political discord, now more than ever, the arts are in need of support. Dave’s fantastic project, “THE HUM” explores technology as a means of healing rather than harm. It is powerful and important work and we hope you will consider supporting Dave's project. Even a $1 pledge helps strengthen this campaign and will afford public access to the videos produced.

In gratitude and love, PARSE NOLA

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